Avgas in South Africa and the big lead debate

Avgas, also known as Aviation Gas, is a type of fuel that is used to propel aircrafts. Avgas can be used in all sorts of aircraft. The name Avgas comes from the shortened version of Aviation Gasoline and it is used in aircrafts of all types and sizes, and is used all around the world. One of the biggest differences between fuel used in motor cars and fuel used aircrafts is that the aviation fuel still contains the toxic chemical, tetraethyl lead, which is a chemical now removed from all other fuels.


Avgas in South Africa is available from almost all of the leading bulk fuel suppliers, as these companies are often supplying motor fuel and aviation fuel. Avgas for sale in South Africa is the same quality of fuel that you will find in countries all over the world, you don’t have to worry about the fuel not meeting industry standards. It is however important to buy your fuel from the right bulk fuel suppliers as this will allow you to always be sure of the quality of the fuel that you will be putting into your aircraft.

The big Avgas fuel debate

There are a number of things that make Avgas different to the other fuels on the market. Avgas is constantly evolving and the biggest change that the gas has undergone is the move away from using toxic chemicals and lead in the fuel. The automobile industry has already undergone these changes to make the fuel used in cars and trucks safe for the atmosphere, but the change over for the aviation industry has been a lot slower for various reasons.

While the automobile industry has managed to make this big move to cleaner fuel, and for the most part eliminate harmful chemicals from the fuel, the aviation industry has been struggling to make the necessary changes. The aviation industry is however dedicated to making sure that fuel becomes clean and safe to be released into the atmosphere. In order to do this Avgas has and still continues to undergo many changes that are all very important to the ongoing battle to have clean air.

The biggest obstacle that the aviation industry faces is that the engines of the aircrafts are incredibly complex and can be damaged if the aircraft is not using the correct Avgas. Most replacement fuels that are not made with lead end up damaging the engines of the aircrafts or could cause the aircrafts to be unsafe to fly.

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The other issue surrounding the Avgas debate is that having to create new engines or replace the engines of the existing aircrafts so that they can use lead free fuel, will be a costly and time consuming undertaking. Having to replace engines in aircrafts can also end up pushing up the prices of air travel which is not exactly something that the industry can afford to do.

Avgas in https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/viagra-ou-cialis/ South Africa is also facing this interesting evolution and so it is important for South Africa to be a part of the debate as we depend a lot on air travel for a number of reasons.

Avgas is considered a speciality fuel

The advent of turbine powered aircrafts has had an effect on the production of Avgas to the point that the decline in sales, seen in some countries, has resulted in the fuel now being considered a speciality fuel. But while the market is shrinking, there are still those aircrafts that rely on Avgas. Avgas in South Africa is still being used and is still very much in demand.


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There is much concern among private pilots that with all of the calls to ban Avgas containing lead, the industry itself could end up taking a heavy knock. Piston aircrafts still rely on leaded gas, and in a country like the USA for instance, the number of these aircrafts currently stands at around 200 000.

While the alternatives have been difficult to find, there have been a number of changes made to the fuel. Over the years since the debate started, there has been plenty of research done and while there are no concrete results just yet, the future is getting brighter for Avgas.

Avgas in South Africa

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