Aviation, Jet A1 Fuel Prices and some things you might not know

Did you know that aviation fuel prices in South Africa fluctuates with the global prices for Brent Crude Oil? Jet A1 fuel suppliers in South Africa have to adjust their prices every time there is a change in the global fuel prices. But the prices of Jet A1 fuel, in South Africa and other places, is just one aspect of this aviation fuel. And while the prices of oil and fuel might be dominating all of the information that you will have about jet fuel, there is actually quite a few interesting things about fuel and the machines they keep going.


What is jet fuel?

Jet fuel is a type of aviation fuel that is used in gas-turbine powered aeroplanes and other aircrafts. The most commonly used aviation fuels are Jet A and Jet A1. Jet A1 fuel is best used in cold weather areas. The next most common fuel used in an aircraft for civilians is the Jet B fuel.

The two types of jet fuel can be distinctly different. And this can mean two different aviation fuel prices in South Africa depending on the fuel being bought and where it is being bought from.

  • Jet A and Jet A1

Jet A is only really available within the United States of America and in a few places in Canada. While it has been available to the US since the 1950’s it is not commonly found in other countries around the world. Jet A1 fuel is used throughout the rest of the world with the exception of Russia.

The biggest difference between the Jet A and the Jet A1 aviation fuel is the freezing point and that the Jet A1 fuel has an anti-static additive added to it.

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Interesting aviation

Jet A1 fuel suppliers in South Africa are passionate about fuel and they are always keen to share their knowledge about the fuel and the aviation industry, because after all fuel is just a small part of a much bigger and exceptionally well known industry. Just think about how far we have come in aviation in just the last 50 years? Air travel has never been so easy and it has certainly become a necessity to modern living.

The aviation industry is incredible and while for some people it might just be about travelling from one place to the next, for the real enthusiasts out there, the aviation industry is something of intrigue and beauty. Take the aircraft for instance. There are so many different types gracing our skies these days and it has taken a lot of engineering, hours in the workshop and plenty of testing to make those beauties fly. While aviation fuel and aviation fuel prices in South Africa are important to keeping the aeroplanes high in the sky, there is so much more than that.  Here are some interesting things about aviation that you might not have known:

  • The oldest airline in the world, KLM, was established in 1919.
  • American Airlines was able to save $40 000 by removing 1 olive from every salad served in first class.
  • At O’Hare’s International Airport in Chicago, an aircraft will take off and land every 37 seconds.
  • Just a 3 hour flight can cause the human body to lose 1.5 litres of water.
  • 6 billion People have been flown by a member of the 747 family.
  • No matter the time of day there will always be 61 000 people airborne over the USA.
  • Fuel efficiency in up to 70% of aircrafts is now 70% more efficient per seat than it was in the 1960’s.
  • If you are flying from Sydney to Dallas you will have flown the world’s longest flight distance.
  • American Airlines worked out that by switching the heavy paper manuals, used by pilots, for iPads, they will be able to save up to $1.2 million in fuel.
  • The common 747 passenger aircraft has around 240 – 280 kilometres of wiring.
  • America has around 30 000 flights taking off each day, transporting around 2 million passengers.
  • The average speed at which an aircraft travels is 800 kilometres per hour.

And now a warning for what you really shouldn’t do with jet fuel

So with the allure of jet fuel comes those who are going to do some experimentation. But jet fuel should only ever be used within an aircraft. Some people are under the impression that using jet fuel in a normal car is a good idea, but it is really not. So as a fair warning, do not attempt to put aviation fuel into a normal car as it will do some serious damage.


Aviation fuel prices in South Africa makes fuel affordable and Jet A1 fuel suppliers in South Africa are keeping aircrafts flying. If you are looking to buy Jet A1 fuel at a great price then Diesel Supply Logistics can keep you in the air with quality fuel products.

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