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Paraffin is a name used to describe a number of different things. Kerosene, paraffin wax, petroleum jelly, mineral oil, alkane and liquid paraffin are all related to the general name paraffin and are many times even interchangeably used. The most popular types of paraffin are liquid paraffin and wax paraffin. Paraffin suppliers are constantly busy in South Africa, where paraffin is such a popular product and is used in numerous industries and is a staple in many households. Local paraffin suppliers can be found in every community and most petrol stations will be able to supply liquid paraffin. South Africans rely on paraffin for many things including cooking and to provide lighting to a home. And during those months of loadshedding, paraffin has been a saving grace to many who would normally have access to electricity but found themselves in the dark.

The most commonly used paraffin in South Africa is the liquid paraffin, more specifically kerosene, and it is not only being used for cooking and lighting but is also a common product in the cosmetic industry and in the medical profession.

Liquid paraffin

Liquid paraffin, the type you are thinking of, is not exactly what you think it is. What we South Africans call paraffin is actually just another of the many relatives in the paraffin family. In most countries around the world liquid paraffin suppliers sell to those industries mentioned above as well. Liquid paraffin is a refined mineral oil. This is not the paraffin that you are using to light lamps and cooking appliances. The paraffin that is used as a fuel for burning, and the type of paraffin mostly supplied by Diesel Supply Logistics, is known as kerosene.


Kerosene is highly combustible and should only be used in a safe environment. There are many countries, including South Africa, that call kerosene, paraffin, which is where the confusion can come in. Distributors and wholesalers of kerosene often supply the kerosene in bulk so that it can be turned into jet fuel. However, these wholesalers will also sell the liquid kerosene to petrol stations and shops, where the everyday consumer is able to buy it.

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Kerosene as a fuel

For lighting and heating, paraffin is fantastic. It burns for long and can heat up a cooking stove very quickly. Throughout most of the less developed world, where electricity is more of a luxury than a norm, this fuel is found in almost every home. Paraffin suppliers have a big market in these nations and local paraffin suppliers and wholesalers will be found within every community.

But developed countries viagra pas cher also have a need for this type of paraffin. In the USA many homes are still not connected to the gas pipes and these homes depend on kerosene for cooking and heating. In Japan this liquid paraffin is used in household heaters as most of the heaters in Japan still only run on the liquid. In Japan, the distributors will come right to a person’s home to deliver the liquid, while it can also be bought at almost any filling station (petrol station).

Kerosene stoves have replaced the conventional wood oven in many poor communities because they are safer to use and they produce much less smoke. In India, the use of kerosene stoves has reduced the destruction of forests. And the government has lowered the prices so that everyone can have access to the fuel. In Nigeria, kerosene is so important that it has caused political debate.

Paraffin has even been used as a fuel in vehicles so it remains as important as ever before.

Paraffin and safety

As a highly flammable fuel, those who are planning on using the fuel need to know how to do so safely. Here are a few safety tips that you need to know about and need to take into consideration when handling the fuel:

  • Always keep the paraffin and the matches away from children. Paraffin can be deadly when ingested.
  • Wash your skin and change clothes immediately if you spill the liquid on your skin as it can burn.
  • Never use water to put out a fire started and being fuelled by paraffin. Rather use a bucket of sand or a fire extinguisher.
  • Make sure that the room in which the fuel is burning is well ventilated.
  • Keep the lamps on a flat surface so that they will not fall over and start a fire.
  • Do not leave a stove or lamp burning if you are not at home.
  • Use a funnel to fill the lamp or stove so that no cups of the fuel lie around to be mistaken as water.

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