BREAKING: Fuel Price Hike or Price Drop in store for SA this November?

BREAKING: Is there a Fuel Price Hike or Price Drop in store for cialis agitation South Africans this November?


Look to your budget and your profits this November by getting up to speed on the fuel price change before anyone else does! DSL viagra sans ordonnance Fuels gets you the fuel price news first. Feel free to share this article to help spread the message. So is there a hike or a viagra original pas cher fuel dip in store? Find out:


According to the under recoveries we are closely keeping our eyes on, we expect the following fuel price increase :

  • ULP 95 to increase 46.91 cents per litre
  • ULP 93 to increase 46.61 cents per litre
  • Diesel 50 to increase 64.88 cents per litre
  • Illuminating Paraffin levitra how to order increase to 58.20 cents per litre


That was the bad news, but this is the good news:

The good news is that you are reading this article now, which will help you save hard-earned cash if you are an SA motorist by getting to the filling stations before the hike kicks in, or

the rush to fuel stations start. And hey, if you are a fuel station owner, you can now plan ahead to maximize your profits and also make sure you order in time to have enough to supply the public and avoid shortages at your establishment.


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50 cents up! Heavy fuel price increases could hit in October

Fuel prices increases set to hike to possibly over 50c and could cause bottlenecks in the fuel supply and demand chain for the public and fueling stations alike, if the current economic climate does not improve.

fuel-price-increasesFuel station owners and the public at large are warned to think of their pockets this coming October and plan ahead with a possible fuel price hike predicted due to the current fuel price forecast.

At Diesel Supply Logistics we keep a close watch on the fuel price indicators trend for the month to date.  Based on daily under-recoveries and over-recoveries of the fuel price impacted by the Rand/Dollar exchange rate as well as the state of the Brent crude oil price, indicators point to the following fuel price hikes from the end of September.

ULP95 is venta de viagra en farmacias sin receta set to go up by 49,57 c/l, ULP93 with 50,15 c/l , Diesel50 with 20,77 c/l and Diesel500 with 19,94 c/l.

Choy Schoeman, director of Diesel Supply Logistics, comments:

“Here at DSL Fuels, we also take cognisance of the under recovery and over recovery on a daily basis. Based on the 13th of September under-recovery statistics that point to under recovery on LP95 of 56c and on Diesel of 39c, this price might increase with a further margin towards the end of September.”

Schoeman advises the following:

“What we say to our clients(fueling stations) is that we give you this information so you can plan ahead and prepare for month end. Good advice would be to keep your tanks as full as possible leading up to the end of the month as there will be bottlenecks created by over-ordering the week before the end of the month,”

As fuel prices change the first Tuesday of every month at midnight, this would mean the price hike will take effect on midnight October 4.

Fueling station owners are warned to make sure they put their fuel orders in early(more than two weeks prior to the citrate sildenafil naturel usa price increase), as a bottleneck for supply is expected.

Schoeman adds: “So top up your tanks and make sure you have as much fuel as possible come end of the month to avoid running dry. Secondly, fuel station owners who have full tanks by the start of October will benefit in their gross profit because of the price increase.”

Advice to the public is simple but valuable: just make sure you fill up before the price increase hits and the tanks start running dry leading up the price hike, as fellow fuel consumers will also head to pumps to fill up and save money. Fuel hike as published in the Sunday Times

Diesel Supply Logistics is a wholesale fuel supplier. Find out more about us here.


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Fuel price to DROP drastically and SA Fuel Strike Ends! SHARE THE GOOD NEWS It’s not often that we as South Africans can rejoice in good news, especially when it comes to the donde comprar viagra para mujeres en venezuela fuel price, but now we can!

Not only will we not have any more disruptions in fuel supply, but we will also possibly see the fuel price drop drastically!

Fuel Strike Ends:

A new two year wage deal has been struck by the SA Petroleum Industry and workers who went on strike three weeks ago, causing some fuel pumps across the country to run dry, News24 reports.

The 15000 workers from CEPPWAWU(the Chemical, Energy, Paper, Printing, Wood and Allied Workers union) went on strike after their 9% pay increase demands fell on deaf ears.

The Union has subsequently agreed to settle on a 7%  increase, and another 1,5% bump in 2017.

The deadlock was greased by the CCMA who handled cialis generique the negotiation process.

Fuel Price to drop:

Fuel prices are predicted to drop due to the Rand strengthening, with the AA(Automobile Association) stating petrol may drop 69 cents a litre, “…diesel 94 cents, and illuminating paraffin is showing

a potential drop of 92 cents..”.

Now isn’t that something worth sharing! We cialis cialis pour les femmes muscle cramps are overjoyed.

Fuel price to DROP drastically and SA Fuel Strike Ends! SHARE THE GOOD NEWS: