DSL Fuels - Diesel Supply Logistics (Pty) Ltd specialises in the wholesale trading of petroleum products since 2012. With our head office located in Hazelwood and our main fuel depot located in Watloo Pretoria we are ideally situated to supply and deliver diesel, petrol, avgas, jet fuel and paraffin within Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Freestate, Northwest and Limpopo Province. To further our service offering to the customers, we partner with assisted networks to fulfil your fuel needs throughout South Africa.


The integrity and quality of our fuel is of utmost importance to us and our customers and we pride ourselves on the quality product that we deliver on a daily basis.

At DSL Fuels we only source our fuel from the major certified refineries in South Africa. Under no circumstances do we use private diesel depots, nor do we source our fuel from any neighbouring country.


DSL Fuels are the proud owner and operator of various tankers all with a 40,000 litre capacity divided into 7 to 8 compartments per tanker. One to five different products can be loaded per tanker, i.e. Diesel 50, Diesel 10, ULP95, ULP93 and LRP.

Our Fleet consists of Mercedes Benz Actos and Freightliner trucks while our tankers are all Tanker Clinic tankers, and show our commitment to transporting fuel in a reliable, safe fleet at all times.

We own all our delivery fleet and employ all our own drivers to ensure that we have total control from source to delivery at all times via our head office. At no times will we sub-contract deliveries.