DSL Fuels has built up a reputation as a top, ethical broker in all fuel grades, who focuses on customer satisfaction, maintenance and providing a full service to every customer, no matter the size of the operation. We contract directly to refineries, with our fixed litre contract at one specific refinery set at a minimum of 300 million litres.


We ensure consistant supply to our customers through prepurchasing our bulk fuel supply from all the major refineries in South Africa. We are able to load at any and all major refineries, even when stocks are low across the country.


All products are guaranteed as they are only collected from only major refineries in South Africa and then delivered directly to our clients. We do not deal in Private Depot Diesel and can thus guarantee the quality of our products. We do not use "blending plants" in any way.


All products are delivered as per certified timeframes and in accordance with the needs of our customers. We have contracts with the major refineries and we are SQAS Audited - the refineries - highest Health and Safety rating. This allows us monitor all shipments and quantities at all times. We also own all our trucks and employ our own drivers, meaning we do not sub-contract at any time and that any delivery is under our full control at all times.


Thanks to our years of dealing ethically with known refineries, we are able to offer the best competitive pricing structure on the market. This is because our history and volume purchases allow us to negotiate the best prices on your behalf. We buy direct from the refineries and can certify the origin of our fuel at all times.
Pricing Structure

Given our history of working together with the Major Oil refineries, and the fluctuating conditions in terms of supply, we are able to load at any and all major refineries, even when stocks are low across the country.

Our aim is to keep the pricing stable, but if we do need to load at another refinery, it means the price could vary.

Our prices to our customers are based on a cents per litre margin plus delivery fee based on the distance from loading source.

Direct Delivery

We deliver directly to filling stations, mines, transport companies and more. We load at the refineries and deliver directly to our clients.

We are also able to provide proof of where the product was uploaded via a Bill of Loading/Lifting Slip that certifies the origin of the fuel.

Short leadtime

Our lead time between order and delivery is shorter than industry standards. In most cases we can meet the demands of clients within a few hours.This is because we prepurchase fuel from the Major Oil suppliers' refinery.

We can off-load to both above and below ground tanks. Pumps are available for either option.

We also offer split loads - with a minimum load of 5000 litres and offer bespoke delivery options.

Our Customer Centricity offers multi-load, multi-product delivery without contamination.

Speak to us to tailor make a solution that will suit your business needs.

We offer