We adhere to the highest Health and Safety standards in the industry and are regularly SQAS audited by the major refineriessupplieng us.

Depot / Truck Yard

Our depot complies with industry standards for safety in terms of parking of fleet vehicles and the storage of any fuel.

It is consistently monitored and we ensure that all products are serviced regularly, as per industry standards.

This includes regular monitoring and record-keeping that is regularly audited by independent auditors.

Vehicle Fleet

Our fleet is put through an annual roadworthy test while every truck barrel is subjected to a pressure barrel test annually to comply with standards expected from our organization.

Our fleet has regular inspections and all valves are tested annually and require an industry certificate All dome covers are tested and certified annually while calibration tests are done twice yearly on all vehicles.

Our fleet vehicles are serviced regularly, and tyres are checked extensively to see that they comply with roadworthy regulations.

Furthermore, our vehicles undergo a safety audit under the auspices of qualified audit personnel and undergo a roadworthy test yearly.


All our drives have a Code 14 license, Dangerous Goods Permit as well as a PRDP license. They also have to pass a medical annually.

Both our depot staff and drivers are trained in handling hazardous materials, are equipped with the necessary spill kits.

We also comply with the Basic Conditions of the Employment Act.

We are regularly



by the refineries we
purchase from