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Fuel Price Hike to hit at the end of January 2017

Plan ahead is the advice from DSL Fuels to consumers and fuel station owners  alike as the current indicators are showing a whopper of an increase at the end of a trying month.

Based on the over and under recoveries, the fuel price is expected to increase at the following rates:

ULP 95 to increase with: 43.91 cents per litre

ULP 93 to increase with: 43.14 cents per litre

Diesel 500 to increase with: 38.21 cents per litre

Diesel 50 to increase with: 37.67 cents per litre

Illuminating Paraffin to increase with  33.17 cents per litre

Hold thumbs that indicators provide a more positive outlook soon, but it all depends on the exchange rate of the  Rand Dollar and the Oil Prices.

You can expect the changes to kick in around 1 February.

Fuel stations can avoid bottlenecks by ordering their fuel as soon as is possible. Motorists also need to plan to visit the pumps before the hike hits.

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