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Fuel price to DROP drastically and SA Fuel Strike Ends! SHARE THE GOOD NEWS

http://www.cialisgeneriquefr24.com/cialis-pour-les-femmes/ It’s not often that we as South Africans can rejoice in good news, especially when it comes to the donde comprar viagra para mujeres en venezuela fuel price, but now we can!

Not only will we not have any more disruptions in fuel supply, but we will also possibly see the fuel price drop drastically!

Fuel Strike Ends:

A new two year wage deal has been struck by the SA Petroleum Industry and workers who went on strike three weeks ago, causing some fuel pumps across the country to run dry, News24 reports.

The 15000 workers from CEPPWAWU(the Chemical, Energy, Paper, Printing, Wood and Allied Workers union) went on strike after their 9% pay increase demands fell on deaf ears.

The Union has subsequently agreed to settle on a 7%  increase, and another 1,5% bump in 2017.

The deadlock was greased by the CCMA who handled cialis generique the negotiation process.

Fuel Price to drop:

Fuel http://www.cialispharmaciefr24.com/cialis-muscle-cramps/ prices are predicted to drop due to the Rand strengthening, with the AA(Automobile Association) stating petrol may drop 69 cents a litre, “…diesel 94 cents, and illuminating paraffin is showing

a potential drop of 92 cents..”.

Now isn’t that something worth sharing! We cialis cialis pour les femmes muscle cramps are overjoyed.

Fuel price to DROP drastically and SA Fuel Strike Ends! SHARE THE GOOD NEWS: http://www.dslfuels.co.za/fuel-price-to-drop-drastically-sa-fuel-strike-ends/

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